Iceberg CPH


Keith Wesseling was born in the Netherlands in 91.
Growing up, he was a small and shy boy, waiting to find his talent.
In high school he found his identity by discovering the treasure of music and found that his heart belonged there.
After a period of dance lessons and other failures it was a houseparty in the small village of Hank that opened his eyes. Watching the DJ’s inspired him to try the decks himself.
Having found his calling, music became the biggest part of his life, resulting in starting a small business as a professional DJ.
The business started off well and got him a summer gig in Spain.
That summer in Spain was the start of a career that took him to various places in Europe, pleasing the crowd with his high energy behind the wheels and ability to make everyone dance their ass off.
To describe Keith Wesseling in one word it would be “Energetic”.
His sets are full with energy and he always tries to make the crowd go mad and have the best time.
Do you think you’re ready? U better be!!


DJ, Producer, Remixer, Businessman, Music Addict,
Advisor, Father, Representative, Presenter, Massive Batman Fan..
you can already gather that Sebastian "SEBADEE" Lowry is no ordinary DJ.
As a DJ, Sebadee cannot be placed into one category of playing one type of genre. Sebadee is known for his multi-genre performances along with his high energy presence whilst performing with a fearless approach at mixing music to cater to his audience and get them going at many festivals and clubs around Europe such as BCM (Spain), Mallorca Rocks (Spain), Disco Orange (Bulgaria), Revolutions(Bulgaria), Ministry of Sound, O2 Arena, NEC Arena and Mercy Nightclub


Dillon James is a 20 year old producer from Wales, United Kingdom. After releasing his first official track, (Vibe), on the label WUP Records this year, he has gained increasing popularity across the UK and Europe, expanding to other continents also. Dillon is currently releasing further tracks across labels, of which vary in genre and style. Whilst producing, Dillon also regularly performs as a DJ, having experience in a variety of different venues across the United Kingdom, the party resorts of Magaluf and Sunny Beach. Since then, he regularly plays in venues across the UK, visiting cities such as Manchester, Sunderland, Cardiff, Leeds, Swansea and Nottingam. His edit of Tony Rohr - Eden Acid has also gained support from bigger artists such as Majestic, whilst his track 'Simple Minds' reached number 29 on the Trackitdown top 100.
Dillon has held residencies in international resorts such as Magaluf and Sunny Beach, also playing in clubs such as Club Iceberg CPH, Disco Orange (Ministry of Sound), BCM Mallorca, Club 18-30 and many more.
Dillon has been producing music since 2011, varying in styles such as dubstep, orchestral, drum & bass, house music and OST compositions, (TrailerTrax release).


UK Recording artist Keon originates from the North of England establishing himself within the scene after securing several summer residences abroad. Keon has gained international support and recognition for his work rate from many artist's such as Skepta, Charlie Sloth, David Zowie & Angel.
The next 12 months sees the release of various projects, the continued live events as well as the forthcoming album. "Blank Kanvas".


Ironik’s admirers include Tom Cruise, Sir Elton John and even Prince Charles. He has mentored and produced some of the biggest, new names in British pop, his debut album spawned hits everywhere from India to Sweden squeezing in over 370 performances in to his hectic schedule last year alone. His self-titled, second album, due out in November, is a pop gem sprinkled with surprising special guests.
That Ironik has achieved so much by the age of 22 seems staggering. At least it does until you discover the passion for music that drives him.


Bruno Balanta (Raa Raa) is an Mc, and a recording artist. Having spent his early years in life growing up in different parts of the world -from Portugal, to Ethiopia, Zambia, Germany and the Philippines- he finally settling in England, where he later began his career in the music industry. Having built a name within the Jungle/Dum and Bass scene, he is now best known as a vocalist –and one fifth- of The Qemists. He started his career on various pirate radio stations –including Drum and Bass World Wide in London- whilst simultaneously securing a monthly residency at a newly formed Drum and Bass night in Brighton (UK), called ‘Devotion’. Devotion –a national event organised by Dj Phantasy and Mc Skibadee- quickly became Brighton’s premier Drum and Bass night, hosting the biggest names in the industry.